The Water Orchard

A Collapsing Horse / Project Arts Centre Co-Production

18 – 29 July 2017 in the Project Arts Centre

Writer / Co-Director –  Eoghan Quinn
Co-Director  –  Dan Colley
Dramaturg – Jack Gleeson
Lighting Designer – Sinead Wallace
Set and Costume Designer – Sarah Bacon
Design Assistant – Anna Fagan
AV Designer – Jack Phelan
AV Assistant – Erin Hermosa
Sound Design & Music – Cameron Macauley
Sound Design & Music – Kevin Gleeson
Production Manager – Eoin Kilkenny
Stage Manager – Evie McGuinness
Assistant Stage Manager – Sara Gannon
Graphic Design – Sarah Moloney
Photographer – Ste Murray
Publicist – Sabrina Sheehan
Producer – Kate Ferris
Producer – Matt Smyth
Cast – Peter Corboy, John Doran, Rachel Gleeson, Breffni Holahan

The Water Orchard hasn’t produced a decent batch of water since the ‘78 Vintage. Ah, the ‘78 Vintage! Now that was water. These days the whole Estate is a dour, crumbling mess. What bit of cash was left is gone, and it’s finally time for a new generation to take over. It’s time to rip up the Orchard!

It’s time to put in patio sets, and turn it into a cool spot for brunch. Brunch! Eggs served in some interesting fashion, presumably.

But the stubborn owner, Old Madeleine, just happens to have disappeared. She is woken up with a jolt in an unsettling and unfamiliar space. There’s a projector asking her questions, and it is convinced she is keeping secrets…

Can her Estate, full of liars, idiots, hammy actors, and unhinged narcissists work together to find her? And what exactly is it they will find if they do..?

‘The Water Orchard’ is a kaleidoscopic new comedy from Collapsing Horse, a surreal, innovative, and genre-bending play about shouting into the winds of change.

Running Time: 80 minutes

Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Project Arts Centre