Current Supporters:
Ashley Perez
Kelly Fitzgerald
Jonathan White
John Flanagan
Sinead + Peter
Karen Muckian
Una Mullally
Martin Duffy
Chewy (Eoin Gill)
Lee Daly
Lucy O’Connell
Liam Ryan
Willie White
Róisín Cody
David O’Shaughnessy
Eoin Rooms Kilkenny
Jessica Hilliard
Eimear Chaomhánach
Emer Dillon
Katie Holly
Darragh Doyle
Ciaran Duggan
Peter Mannion
Doireann Ní Bhriain
Kevin + Mel
Malcolm Byrne
Maeve Colley-Russell
Darren Ryan
Eoghan MacSuibhne
Conor McAndrew
Aine MacCallion
John Egan
Jonathan Wyse
William McQuillan
Mary-Paula Guinness
Ronan Healy
Eoin Colley
Terry + Ky
Bunsen (Finn Gleeson)
Jack Halligan
Steve Murray / Eamon Byrne
Fionnuala Dillon
Michael Gleeson
George + Mary Smyth
Ger Mc Naughton
Cian O’Brien
Jennifer Pullium
Philippa Cahill
Alexandra Bunce-Ferriol

Student Supporters:
Anna Lehane
Eileen Mary Dunne
Alice Bellamy
Mae Leahy
Rua Barron
Jane Finnegan
Mary Condon O’ Connor
Maxine Acton
Maeve Lewis
Molly Maguire
Leslie Burton
Allie Whelan
Benedict Esdale
Morag Dine
Alice Murphy
Misha Fitzgibbon
Becky Gygax
Mark Ball
Lara Gallagher
Ferdy Emmet
Larissa Brigatti
Didi Moore
Eimear Thornton
Grace Morgan
Lisa Nally
Paraic McLean
Austin Hughes
Ollie Bell
Ellen McGrath
Tory O’Neill
Dominic O’Brien
Tory O’Neill
Luka Wilcockson
Seán Butler
Sarah Symes

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