Collapsing Horse's Second Year of Cat Laughs:

More Cats, More Laughter

Dan and Matt, Co-Artistic directors of Collapsing Horse, are excited to announce the second year of our role as Artistic Directors of The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival!

We were proud of our inaugural year, and cannot wait to show you how we’ve built off of that success with shows that will delight our festival stalwarts while expanding our audience and bringing in a new generation of comedy lovers.

The changing of the guard at a lot of arts institutions tends to come at a time when something needs to be fixed or changed – we’re incredibly lucky that with The Cat Laughs we’re entering into a vibrant, exciting and ever expanding festival. Naoise Nunn (who will continue as Festival Advisor), and the Artistic Directors before him, have created something brilliant, weird and important. It’s now Collapsing Horse’s job now to continue that growth, add to the diversity of the programme and maintain the heart of The Cat Laughs.

Or to quote our hero Malcolm Turnbull – ‘Continuity and Change’.